Salt Barns & Salt Storage Buildings


Selecting a salt storage building from De Boer offers a semi-permanent solution that pays dividends for motorists, local taxpayers and the environment.

Long-term benefits
De Boer has worked with private and public-sector clients seeking a robust and secure salt barn or salt shed that can be created with minimum inconvenience while still ensuring long-term benefits.

Secure salt storage buildings
The company’s clearspan facilities enable road gritting supplies to be moved securely under cover, increasing storage capacity while also enhancing the usefulness of the salt itself. This provides a faster and more cost-effective response to the worst of the winter weather – helping ensure Britain’s motorists keep moving and that gritting vehicles can access stocks quickly and efficiently.

Protection from wind and rain
Scientific tests have shown that salt stored outside becomes less effective because of the effects of wind and rain – aside from the ongoing risk of being washed away or entering local water courses.

Even and effective spread
De Boer’s salt storage buildings ensure stocks remain dry and can be spread more evenly and effectively. The number of runs per vehicle can be reduced, while councils have even found they can switch to more efficient (and cheaper) gritting products that would be unsuitable for storage outdoors. Increased storage capacity means a semi-permanent salt barn can be filled well ahead of winter, reducing the need to replenish supplies when prices are at their highest.

Huge financial savings
Independent research by individual councils has shown that using a salt storage building from De Boer can offer huge long-term financial savings – in some cases more than £1m for each authority.

Semi-permanent salt sheds
The semi-permanent nature of De Boer’s salt barns and salt sheds means that, as well as being erected in a matter of weeks, the facilities can be modified or moved as a customer’s requirements change over time.

Environmental features
As well as lessening the environmental impact of potentially wasted or degraded salt supplies, a salt storage building can be fitted with a range of green features – such as eco-friendly lighting and ventilation, or water harvesting to allow rainfall to be reused.

Shared salt barns
In some parts of the UK, local authorities have maximised potential benefits and minimised outlay by creating a large, single salt barn or salt shed that can be shared and accessed by a number of neighbouring councils.

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