Disaster Recovery Buildings & Business Continuity


With considerable experience and expertise in the business continuity sector, De Boer has shown itself to be a trusted partner to clients seeking disaster recovery buildings or emergency storage.

Getting businesses on track
The company has been called on by a large number of organisations in the public and private sectors following natural or man-made disasters. When struck by a fire, flood or major crisis, it is essential to get a business up and running and back on track as quickly as possible.

Working with sub-contractors and planners
De Boer works closely with all parties – including sub-contractors, planners, insurers and loss adjusters, as well as with the client itself. This attention to detail means organisations recovering from a disaster can focus on their own priorities at a potentially very stressful and challenging time.

A vast choice of disaster recovery buildings
Sourcing a disaster recovery building from De Boer offers clients the choice of a vast range of semi-permanent structures, meaning that the service is tailor made to their specific needs as well as being delivered quickly. The company’s products are robust and secure, while offering tremendous flexibility.

Emergency storage within days
De Boer’s team can be on the site of a fire or flood within hours, discussing the clients’ needs for disaster recovery buildings, emergency storage or other facilities. This means replacement premises can be in place within days, enabling organisations to get back in business and to set about recreating their permanent buildings.

Safeguarding revenue and customer base
De Boer’s involvement provides security for the company and its staff, helps to secure its customer base, protects its turnover and minimises the potential insurance implications.

Power, water and communications
But De Boer’s solutions go far beyond providing a disaster recovery building or emergency storage. The company can co-ordinate key infrastructure needs such as power, water supply and telecommunications, ensuring these key elements are included in the overall business continuity plan.

Emergency planning and preparations
For many of De Boer’s customers, the business relationship begins well before any incident takes place. An increasing number of organisations are working with the company to plan and prepare for a potential fire, flood or other disaster. While the hope would be that the business continuity plan will never swing into action, this means disaster recovery buildings and other emergency facilities are available the moment they are needed.

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