De Boer’s Delta is a winner on TV’s hit weight-loss show

2 February 2012

Structure specialist De Boer has demonstrated the versatility of its accommodation by supplying temporary facilities to one of the UK’s most popular television series.

Stunning structure
When programme-makers needed an unusual yet stunning structure to film overweight contestants battling the bulge in the latest series of The Biggest Loser, De Boer weighed in with the perfect solution.

Unique Delta System
The company’s unique Delta System structure with clear glass walls was constructed on site in just three days by a 12-strong team in the grounds of filming location Stanford Hall.

Competing rivals
Measuring 20 metres by 25 metres, the Delta has been kitted out with a gym and is where the show’s contestants have their weekly weigh-in – with the person losing the least leaving the programme.

Filming schedule
Filming for the show, hosted by Davina McCall and featuring 14 contestants battling to win £25,000 by losing the most weight, took place over three months last year.

Sheer hard work
The programme, which is currently airing on ITV1, follows the lives of the contestants who attempt to lose weight through just sheer hard work and sweat in exercise regimes devised by some of the UK’s toughest trainers – Richard Callender, Charlotte Ord and Rob Edmond.

Production company
De Boer Sales Manager David Tunnicliffe said: “It has worked out really well. The production company Shine TV was searching for an unusual structure and came across an image of De Boer’s Delta and loved it.

100-tonne crane
“The venue for the programme, Stanford Hall, is incredibly grand and owners were worried about on-site work putting up the Delta damaging their beautifully manicured lawns so we had to be very careful. We assured them we would protect the grounds and kept our promise, despite having to use a 100-tonne crane!”

Flexible solution
Verity Sutton from Shine TV said: “In this series of The Biggest Loser we needed a large space for the 14 contestants to exercise simultaneously where we had enough space to film as well. De Boer offered a fantastic solution and the fact that the structure was temporary meant we had the flexibility to suit the location and our production time frames.”

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