De Boer meets high-rise challenges to create stunning roof-top venue

9 July 2010

De Boer has overcome a succession of logistical challenges in erecting a spectacular hospitality venue on a roof top in the heart of London. 

The Cannon Bridge Roof Garden
The assignment has involved the creation of The Cannon Bridge Roof Garden, which provides visitors with one of the capital’s most breathtaking event spaces, just yards from the Thames and with commanding views of historic landmarks such as St Paul’s Cathedral and Tower Bridge. 

Stunning location
But the stunning location – in the heart of London’s Square Mile – meant De Boer’s highly experienced team faced a host of potential issues, ranging from road closures to the creation of specialist roof sails and sunken concrete foundations. 

Specialist equipment
De Boer also needed to use a highly specialist crane to hoist the equipment into place and to complete the entire construction process in one day because the building below – Cannon Bridge House on bustling Dowgate Hill – is a busy commercial centre. 

Diamond City Events
The facility – a glass-fronted A-frame structure measuring 20 metres by 12 metres – has been fitted out by De Boer’s client, specialist event organiser Diamond City Events, for a season of summer functions. 

Temporary venue
Diamond City, which specialises in creating luxury events for the corporate market, is using The Cannon Bridge Roof Garden for a series of dazzling celebrations. With incredible views across London, coupled with manicured lawns and an extensive array of trees and plants, the venue has become temporary home to functions including champagne receptions, corporate gatherings, summer parties, barbecues and themed events. 

Intricate assignment
Diamond City Managing Director Donna Comfort said: “The De Boer team have done a brilliant job in helping us tackle a very intricate assignment. They have listened to us, worked with us and made any changes that have been required because of the complexity of the brief.” 

Breadth of services
She added: “What has really impressed me with De Boer has been the utter professionalism and the breadth of the services they provide – from handling risk assessments and method statements to handling the complex weight loadings for the structure.” 

Well executed build process
De Boer needed to work closely with a range of bodies, including the local authority and health and safety experts, in creating the temporary facility. A road closure order allowed equipment to be hoisted into place while the A-frame’s traditional white roof panels had to be replaced with specially created battleship-grey coloured roof sails to meet requirements of local planners. All unwanted soil was removed from the site on the same day the structure was lifted into place – forming part of a well executed build process. 

Detailed planning
The exposed riverside location meant De Boer anchored the structure with specialist concrete foundations – each measuring two metres in length and created specifically for the assignment. The concrete also had to be sunken beneath the grass surface, to ensure the venue stands at roof level while still being held securely in place against the elements. 

Team work
De Boer Sales Manager David Tunnicliffe said: “The Cannon Bridge Roof Garden enjoys one of the most stunning settings in London. But the location also meant De Boer needed to work in close cooperation with its client and the local authority to ensure the facility could be created with minimal impact on the local community. We feel proud to have created such an impressive venue in the very heart of the capital.”

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