Over the past 90 years De Boer has built a reputation as a leading supplier of high-quality temporary structures, including tents and marquees, semi-permanent accommodation, temporary storage, warehousing and distribution facilities, emergency shelters and relocatable buildings – as well as valuable add-on services such as walkways, flooring, linings, heating and air conditioning.

Canvas shelters and tents
The company’s origins date back to 1924 when Dutch grocer Klaas de Boer struck upon the idea of erecting a simple canvas shelter to keep the rain off visitors to a mobile café at an outdoor event in Holland. He later bought a circus tent from bankruptcy stock and began renting it out.

Structure hire expert
From those humble beginnings De Boer has grown into a global leader in structure hire, with offices across Europe as well as the United States. The company’s UK base is in Brackley, Northamptonshire, from where it continues to supply products and expertise across the world.

Secure, flexible solutions
Structures offered to clients come in all shapes and sizes, with more than 80 different types available for hire – including secure, flexible, modular accommodation units.

Dynamic product design
Each year De Boer’s innovative designers come up with new and dynamic styles to shape and mould the industry. For example, the company’s celebrated Delta System structure has become a regular fixture at famous events such as the Chelsea Flower Show while the innovative, arched-roof Emperor structure, which uses laminate-wood technology instead of traditional aluminium, has been used to great effect at events including football’s World Cup, golf’s Ryder Cup and the Farnborough International Airshow.

Innovative temporary structures
Among De Boer’s other innovative structures are the Panorama, a high-tech, circular, glass-sided product allowing a 360-degree view of its surroundings, and the Pink Galaxy, an eye-catching structure equal in size to two football pitches and created entirely in the vivid pink colour of a client.

Semi-permanent accommodation
De Boer has also established a reputation for supplying semi-permanent accommodation, with structures transformed into stores, warehousing, retail outlets, offices airport baggage-handling halls and even hotels.

Hostel-style units
In Holland it has been instrumental in supplying hostel-style temporary accommodation for refugees while it has offered emergency support for businesses throughout Europe.

Emergency relief
Meanwhile its ability to provide structures at short notice anywhere in the world means the company can play a key role in emergency relief projects – as seen following the Asian Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and the July 7 bombings on London’s transport network. Such time-sensitive assignments have demonstrated the value of De Boer being able to provide a broad range of add-on services such as heating, linings and air-conditioning – as well as its ability to call on a large number of specialist sub-contractors.
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