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De Boer is committed to your success

The enjoyment of success; everybody loves a great event, everybody gets a kick out of seeing their business thrive. It inspires and empowers, but it takes a lot of effort to attain when you are facing complex projects, competitive industries and demanding markets.

At De Boer we are strongly connected to these kinds of challenges. We have a long history and leading knowledge in covering top events and providing efficient commercial solutions around the world.   

We provide an inventive range of turnkey solutions, with a good balance between people, planet and performance. Wanting to achieve the highest client satisfaction is our base for being a reliable, professional and involved partner.

We are here for you to meet your challenges and our main drive is to make sure you reach your goals.

We are De Boer,
committed to your success


De Boer is a leading supplier of temporary and semi-permanent structures, is able to offer secure, flexible and stylish solutions whether clients are looking for a traditional fast-to-erect tent or marquee, or longer-term modular buildings such as temporary office space, warehousing, portable building or emergency commercial or industrial unit. Its products have been used successfully by clients in a range of diverse sectors – including sporting hospitality, conferences and exhibitions, retail and disaster relief.

Flexible, modular structures
The company, which was launched in 1924, has established an international presence, with offices across Europe and in the United States. It has supplied flexible, modular structures to high-profile assignments that range from the Olympic Games to meetings of G8 political leaders and from the Live8 concerts to the relief effort following Hurricane Katrina.

Temporary shelters and showrooms
From product launches to warehousing, roadshows to temporary shelters, showrooms to military exhibitions – whatever the temporary space required – De Boer can help.

Secure, insulated environments
And the Company’s service goes well beyond the popular image of a traditional tent or prefab building. Its units offer secure accommodation that can be insulated, heated or air-conditioned, and can be fitted with features such as roller shutters and fire doors, depending on each client’s specific wishes. With around 80 different types of structure in stock, De Boer can respond to any challenge for a relocatable building.

Short-term exhibition space
Individual contracts can involve the supply of as much as 90,000 square metres of temporary exhibition space, as witnessed during the biennial Farnborough International Airshow, staged in Hampshire, England. De Boer now employs about 350 people worldwide, plus an additional 150 personnel during the busy summer season.


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