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Rising from the ashes

The fire that gutted Garage Paolini, in the Belgian town of Mont-sur-Marchienne, was a disaster for owner Elio Paolini, who watched as his livelihood and that of his family disappeared before his eyes. 

A replacement structure in less than a week 
It is the nightmare of every business – large or small – that fire, flood or another catastrophic event destroys premises or damages them to an extent that activities go from full speed to nothing in an instant. Garage Paolini swiftly called in De Boer and in less than a week, De Boer had provided replacement structures to serve as a temporary garage until their permanent building could be rebuilt. Disruption for both employers and customers was kept to a minimum, which meant that the garage could resume business – and begin generating income again – quickly. 

Quickly back on track after a major incident
It is a perfect illustration of how De Boer can get businesses back on track following a major incident. De Boer has an unrivalled reputation for providing emergency solutions for the most dramatic disasters nationally and internationally. With its wealth of knowledge and expertise the company can respond rapidly to deal with any eventuality. Speed is of the essence in assuring that a business will be able to pick up and carry on, and this requires optimum preparation. De Boer can assist in helping to formulate emergency plans that businesses can use as a blueprint for emergency action should an unexpected incident suddenly occur.

Business Continuity Services by De Boer
For more information about these Business Continuity Services, please see the article ‘Business as usual’.

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