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Ghent in the spotlight

Prominent European film event
The International Flanders/Ghent Film Festival was set up in 1974 by the university film club Film-Plateau, and has developed since then into one of the most prominent film events held in Europe. Every October, the festival is a forum for over 200 films from around the world; in recent years it has attracted over 100,000 visitors. 2008 was the festival’s 35th anniversary.

Wide range of temporary accommodation
De Boer is the preferred supplier for this prestigious event, and this year it again provided a wide range of temporary accommodation. A central entrance led the public through a Walkway towards a café-restaurant, separate reception areas and several party halls, the biggest of which was over 600 m2.

De Boer in the director's seat
De Boer provided furnishings in co-operation with other suppliers, which meant that tight ‘direction’ was necessary to ensure that ‘theatres’ would open on time for audiences to enjoy top films in the unique atmosphere of the festival. Everything went exactly as planned, and both De Boer and festival organisers can look back on a highly successful event.

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