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Top-level tennis in Graz

Showcase for tennis legends and rising stars 
Once again, Graz in Austria was a showcase for tennis legends of the past and rising stars of the future during the annual Tennis Masters Tournament, organised by e | motion, on one of Austria’s most beautiful centre courts. 

Tomorrow's players in action today 
Part of the Tennis Masters is the ATP Challenge. The tournaments of the ATP Challenge are the last step on the ladder for players to reach the absolute top spot in world tennis, and they provide an opportunity for new players to exhibit their skill to the public for the first time. All in all, it is a unique chance to see tomorrow’s players in action today! 

Tour of Champions
In addition to future stars, audiences also got a look at the living legends of tennis when recent winners clashed in the Tour of Champions. Wimbledon victors Goran Ivanišević and Michael Stich faced off in the final, with Marcelo Ríos of Chile and Patrick Rafter of Australia also taking part. 

De Boer contributes to authentic atmosphere
De Boer’s Alu Halls, Pyramids, Chalets and a Delta provided stylish accommodation for restaurants, reception spaces and sales areas. Special terraces built by De Boer also contributed to the authentic atmosphere of the event, reminding players and public alike of the unique tennis environment of the Wimbledon grounds.

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